Adaptive Accelerate 2016

Adaptive Insights are hosting another free complimentary event to demonstrate how modern solutions can streamline your budgeting and forecasting processes to help you move away from painful convoluted Excel spreadsheets and antiquated technologies.

The event is a must if you are looking to improve your budgeting process this year and want to reduce the risk, cost and time it takes to deliver a sound budget as well as having the flexibility to re-forecast monthly or quarterly. You will also hear from financial professionals who have already leveraged Adaptive Insights to cut their planning cycles by half, whilst also improving their forecasting accuracy to track against a constantly changing business environment.

Key takeaways from the event will include:

  • Reducing errors and time spent on spreadsheets
  • Increasing efficiency through self-service reporting and analysis with dashboards
  • Focusing on business drivers and trends
  • Easily provide key stakeholders with an accurate view of the business

The event will be hosted in the following locations. Please choose a location via the link below and register today:

Melbourne, VIC – Thu, February 18
Sydney, NSW – Tue, March 08
Perth, WA – Thu, March 10

Questions about the Event?

Email us at