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Budgeting and Planning

How to improve your financial reporting process

Financial reporting is a tricky balancing act. Here are 3 steps to improve your financial reporting – and get your stakeholders the information they need.

Budget and forecast in the cloud: Get access anywhere such as on your laptop
Budgeting and Planning

Plan, budget and forecast in the cloud

Preparing budgets in Excel can be resource intensive and error prone. Learn how the best-run companies have streamlined the process.

Traditional budgeting is a thing of the past: Person using Excel to budget and plan
Budgeting and Planning

The demise of traditional budgeting

In reality there are no yearly boundaries – so fixed budgets using traditional methods just don’t work anymore. What can you do about it?

Team doing high fives to show success
Budgeting and Planning

5 Top Tips for Rolling Forecast Success

As accountants, we all know the value of rolling forecasts. Most of us have the vision, but quite often we are lacking on the execution. So what are the top 5 tips for rolling forecast success?

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