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TM1 Session Timeout setting for TM1 Contributor / Planner

If the planner screen has been idle for more than 20 minutes, the user will receive a session timeout error message.
To stop this error from occurring, go to the TM1Web folder, open the web.config file and look for the following section:

By default ASP.NET uses cookies to identify which requests belong to a particular session.
If cookies are not available, a session can be tracked by adding a session identifier to the URL.
To disable cookies, set sessionState cookieless="true".
<sessionState mode="InProc"            stateConnectionString="tcpip="
sqlConnectionString="data            source=;Trusted_Connection=yes"
cookieless="false" timeout="20"            />
This section sets the globalization settings of the application.

The timeout parameter is in minutes and the default setting is 20.  Alter this parameter to something more appropriate.