What Is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a platform encompassing a range of business analytics tools to help business users easily analyse data and share insights. QMetrix has chosen to partner with and use Microsoft Power BI for its strengths in self-service analytics, ease of use, strong dashboard visualisations and where integration with existing Microsoft technologies is important.

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QMetrix Now Implements Power BI


Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI enables business users to quickly and easily analyse their data, providing the ability to explore trends and intuitively construct dashboards with powerful and rich visualisations. End users can simply drag, drop and drill down on their data and create stunning interactive reports to reveal insights to share across the organisation.

Power BI- Screen

The Power BI suite comprises the following components:

  • Power BI Service is a cloud hosted service that holds your published reports. It is also where your report consumers connect to retrieve reports
  • Power BI Desktop is an on-premise desktop report authoring tool allowing your data analysts and end users to construct and publish reports to the cloud hosted service
  • Power BI Gateway is an application that acts as a bridge to your on-premise data sources to allow Power BI users to access data from your on-premise systems



Power BI Desktop

The Power BI Desktop application allows you to connect to your data sources from your laptop, conduct simple yet powerful modelling if required and then start building robust reports to analyse and reveal insights. Power BI Desktop also provides seamless integration with your existing Microsoft technologies if you have them. Your sales, marketing and finance teams will find Power BI Desktop easy and intuitive to use, trading off power and flexibility in the right balance. It also similar to other Microsoft products with the familiar user interface containing the ribbon menu and side bars.


Power BI Mobile

Stay up to date with information when you are on the move with Power BI Mobile applications optimised for mobile and tablets devices. Alerts can also be setup with data driven notifications straight to you device to ensure nothing is missed.


QMetrix & Power BI

Whilst Power BI has a very attractive price point from a licensing perspective, implementation services can often be cost prohibitive, unless you choose the right BI partner. QMetrix can significantly shorten the BI project cycle, by leveraging proven methodologies and adopting a best practice strategic approach. This leads to a faster and more successful deployment, with lower complexity and risk. QMetrix have Power BI consultants across Australia with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.