Yellowfin Business Intelligence

Yellowfin is a Business Intelligence platform that empowers business users across job functions and industries by making data incredibly easy to consume and analyse.

QMetrix has recently decided to end our partnership with Yellowfin to focus on providing support and consulting services for Microsoft Power BI and IBM Cognos Analytics. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best advice and expertise using platforms that deliver the greatest competitive advantage and value. 

If your business is considering a business intelligence platform let us help you find the right solution that is the best fit for your business to grow. 

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QMetrix & Yellowfin BI

Typical Business Intelligence projects can often be quite costly and implementation services can sometimes be 5 times the cost of software.

QMetrix can significantly shorten the BI project cycle, by leveraging proven methodologies, a best practice strategic approach as well as out of the box reports and dashboards.  This leads to a far faster and more successful deployment, with lower complexity and risk.

QMetrix have Yellowfin consultants across Australia with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

It is also worth noting that Yellowfin is an Australian company with the development team based in Melbourne.


Yellowfin BI Dashboards enables you to:

  • Monitor your business and track key KPIs
  • View rich graphical presentations using maps, graphs and tables
  • View dashboards in real-time
  • Filter and drill down data to provide granular detail on any device whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile device.


Data Visualisation

Yellowfin visualisations makes it very easy to explore your data.

The visualisation engine is impressive across all devices – with over 40 different chart types and is smart enough to automatically suggest the best chart for the job every time.

Yellowfin visualisations are also interactive, allowing for drill-downs, time slider, tooltips and more to help create a great user experience that will increase productivity.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Yellowfin’s reporting and analysis provides data insight through slice and dice OLAP analysis and visual cues such as conditional formatting.  Regardless of role or technical experience, users find Yellowfin BI easy and intuitive to use.

Yellowfin guides users through common and basic tasks such as selecting fields, grouping, sorting, summarising and formatting data using everyday business terms as opposed to obscure database terminology.

More sophisticated users can take advantage of the more complex reporting building features and as well as apply database query language.

Mapping and Location Intelligence (GIS)

One of Yellowfin’s key strength is its built in GIS mapping intelligence.  The latest version leverages Australian Census data as well as mapping data from around the world.  The ability to overlay demographic and statistical information, such as per capita income onto your maps provides you with an additional level of analysis and greater insight.

To speak to one of our BI consultants about Yellowfin and to arrange a free trial please contact us.

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