QMetrix Proof of Concept (POC)

A Budgeting/Forecasting, Master Data Management or Business Intelligence solution can sometimes be hard to visualise and comprehend with your particular business.

You might ask:

  • How does the software actually work?
  • How can it be applied in my business situation?
  • Is it any better than my current process – and is it worth the investment?

It can also be difficult to translate the benefits listed in a product website or brochure into your unique business situation. This is where a Proof of Concept comes in handy.

What is a Proof of Concept?

Beyond a demonstration of how a software solution works, a Proof of Concept is personalised to your business. It focuses on a pain point or business issue that you have and shows how the software will address it. This verifies its practical potential and proves if the software is a match for your business.

Why undertake a Proof of Concept?

A Proof of Concept is like a “try before you buy” approach. It can demonstrate and highlight the value of implementing a solution in your business before you fully invest and go all the way with it. It provides the benefit of reducing buying risk with the following advantages:

  • No upfront software cost
  • Inexpensive and low-cost method of evaluating how the solution will fit your business
  • Very little time to get started
  • Provides a starting platform which can be built upon, should you decide to go ahead

QMetrix’s approach

At QMetrix, we take a consultative-led approach. When you partner with us, we first understand your organisation’s needs in order to recommend the right solution for your unique business. To help ensure you make the right investment decision, we are happy to provide a free (or low cost) Proof of Concept.

Our approach will typically consist of a:

  • Focused goal and objective
  • Limited and defined scope
  • Rapid development
  • Presentation to stakeholders

By targeting a specific area of your business or existing problem, and with rapid collaboration from you, your team and our expert consultants, we can quickly prove the value of investing in a Budgeting/Forecasting, Master Data Management or Business Intelligence platform.

This approach often leads to greater stakeholder buy-in and sets the wheels in motion for approval of the full implementation.

To learn more about our Proof of Concept service and how it can be applied to your business, contact us here or call 1300 785 336.

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