Statistical & Predictive Analytics

There is a fundamental difference between Business Intelligence and Analytics: BI efficiently and interactively presents views of your data, in a form determined by you; Analytics queries the transactional data looking for trends, relationships and key variables that are embedded in the data, and which, when uncovered, will affect management decisions.

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With so much data, sourced from within your business and from external feeds , much of it captured live, decisions based on established practice can often be less than optimal or even wrong.  Our aim is to give you new insights into your data, allowing you to learn from your data to make decisions which would best affect the business outcome.

Our experience over two decades of financial institution modelling and statistical analysis has taught us that insights must be tempered by the practicality of implementation.  Often the need arises to blend a straightforward trend and clustering study with sophisticated statistical analysis.  Our staff have the depth of knowledge to do both, and, importantly, to know when the quicker, easier techniques are losing reliability.

We also have extensive experience in neural networks, which have moved from being the domain of men in white coats to mainstream commercial.  They are a robust and effective way to find key data, and to make decisions based on “intuitive” reasoning.


  • StatSoft Statistical
  • MathWorks MATLAB
  • Wolfram Mathematica
  • The R Foundation R
  • Python Software Foundation Python
  • SAS Analytics
  • Various – C#, ANNs etc

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