There have been changes at QMetrix – and you are at the centre of it

You might have noticed some changes around here. Our logo, colours, fonts, LinkedIn, Twitter and website – but not just that. More than ‘what’, it has been about ‘who’.

When we first embarked on this change, we asked ourselves what we wanted to accomplish. At the core of it, there were two things:

  1. We wanted a clear representation of who we are. We are a professional advisory services firm – that isn’t stuck in jargon and stuffy suits – and we wanted our personality to show.
  2. We wanted to be super helpful to our clients and visitors. From our words to our solutions, it’s about making things clear and easy for you.

Bearing this in mind, our team worked on several things to come up with what you see today.

We defined who we are

Together as a team we talked about who we are and what we care about. This resulted in 10 values that make the fabric of QMetrix. These values represent us and are embedded in all we do; this ripples out to impact our clients.

We discovered why clients choose us

We had a hunch as to why clients choose us – and choose to stay with us. But to make sure we really knew so we could continue to deliver value, we spoke to our clients and pooled the findings. You will find the conversations reflected throughout QMetrix, from client quotes on the website to case studies sharing their points of view and solutions.

We clarified what you can expect

As a QMetrix client, this is what you can expect. Beyond powerful technology and business consulting, our ultimate goal is to help you operate with the agility needed in today’s environment and drive business performance. We are accountable to delivering it.

One of our values is “Growing Together” and that means there is always room to improve. We will always be a work in progress, and that is to the benefit of our clients, each individual team member, and QMetrix. If you have suggestions, we welcome them – just hit the contact form or reach out directly.

While QMetrix has changed over the years, expanding our service offerings and our team to serve our growing clients, we haven’t changed all that much. Some things remain core. That is, our passion for how technology can help organisations, our commitment to go above and beyond for our clients, and putting the team above the individual.

This step reflects our evolution, and we are excited to keep moving forward.


QMetrix kitchen chat with three people

QMetrix meetings at desk and in meeting room

The QMetrix team

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