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Looking for Azure Purview Master Data Management solutions? Microsoft recommends Profisee as its partner MDM solution.

Is your organisation aligned to Microsoft technology but facing challenges with the quality of your data?

“Master data management is an important approach of a unified approach to data governance. The combination of Microsoft Purview and a deeply integrated MDM solution such as Profisee is a tremendous benefit for Azure customers.
– Mike Flasko, VP & GM, Data Governance & Pivacy Platform at Microsoft

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How does Profisee fit with Microsoft
in your data estate?

If you are looking for MDM in a Microsoft-centric deployment, watch this video and learn why Profisee is the best MDM for Azure in less than 3 minutes.

Garbage in = garbage out

Data Estates within Microsoft Azure flexibly combine data from many different sources such as CRMs, ERPs, legacy applications, and cloud applications.   

However, when the data is simply “tipped” into Azure, information about customers, products, suppliers, providers, etc is often revealed to be of poor quality, incomplete or duplicated.

This is a problem. And this is where Master Data Management comes in.

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MDM can ensure data is usable, trusted, and can be leveraged to fulfil business purposes. How is this done?

Profisee MDM natively integrates into your existing Azure Data Estate, complimenting these services to deliver high quality data across your organisation.

It aligns and combines data from any source and enforces consistent data standards across all systems with data drawn from Azure. It identifies and resolves data issues (mostly through automated processes, sometimes with the help of data stewards) to match, merge and enrich the data.

This means you can have high quality data that is truthful and valuable. This in turn means you have business intelligence and analytics that you can rely on for decision making.

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From its founding, Profisee has been aligned with Profisee.

Here’s a backstory: In 2007, Microsoft acquired a company called Stratature and used its IP to build Microsoft Master Data Services. Some of them left and founded Profisee to build Profisee Master Data Management on top of Master Data Services (MDS).

Profisee Master Data Management is built on top of Microsoft Master Data Services

The best integrated MDM with Azure

Native connection

Profisee connects to Microsoft business applications and reporting tools, and is available through the Azure Marketplace. 

Built for Azure

Profisee provides the industry’s first and only containerised PaaS MDM solution for Azure. This deployment option enables companies to deploy Profisee MDM easily and flexibly on cloud and private platforms with minimal application configuration, and with the ability to scale up and down as required. 

Like a Microsoft app

Profisee is easy to deploy, integrate and maintain, just like any Microsoft program. It can be PaaS deployed in minutes and integrates with technologies such as Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Catalog 

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Microsoft Purview + Profisee MDM
are Better Together

If you’re using Purview, you know proper data governance is crucial. But Purview only writes the rules and doesn’t enforce them. Profisee MDM can enforce the rules created in Purview, becoming a complementary and necessary piece of your governance strategy. It easily tracks and implements governance for you, both from a framework and technological perspective.

Azure and Profisee

Profisee’s native integration with Purview works to sync and enforce all data governance standards and policies on autopilot. Master data is collected across sources and matched, merged and validated for data stewards to remediate as needed.

Now sharing complete, consistent, accurate and business ready data across your business is just a click away.

See how Profisee and Purview are better together

Profisee has a two way integration with Purview that is widely regarded as the deepest and most mature MDM integration with Purview.

Drive AI-enablement in Microsoft Fabric

Learn how Microsoft Fabric can bring your data in to the era of AI with the help of Profisee MDM

Uncertain data can lead to dangerous conclusions

Microsoft Fabric is a platform to help with enterprise analytics and bring your data into the era of AI. To get good AI, you need good data.

Enterprise data often comes from different sources. Data that is not properly matched and standardised risks incorrect interpretation. That is especially true with AI where the lineage between source and output can be lost in the process.

Uncertain data can lead to dangerous conclusions. That’s where MDM comes in.

Profisee is the only MDM to have connectors shipped with Microsoft Fabric so it can easily access the master data from source systems and publish matched, merged and standardised and verified data back to MS Fabric.

That means your data gets transformed into consumption-ready data that can deliver the right AI-derived insights and analytics. Data you can trust.

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Many businesses use Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence tool to access analytics which they can base decisions on. To allow quick access to clean, accurate and trusted data, Profisee has partnered with Microsoft to create a Power BI Connector.  

Key features of the Profisee Connector for Power BI:  

  • Native functionality: Out-of-the-box functionality, with no custom coding required.
  • Intuitive User Interface so data is easy to find and use: Quickly import data into Power BI with just a few clicks, so you can leverage data directly in Power BI. Simply load data into Power BI from Profisee just like any other data source
  • Trusted data: Dashboards are populated with clean, governed and trusted data
  • Secure: Users can only access the data they should, thanks to Secure APIs which ensure security settings are brought in from Profisee MDM into Power BI 
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“Data from multiple sources if often duplicated, inconsistent and not suitable for enterprise analytics.

The combination of Microsoft Fabric and a well-integrated MDM solution such as Profisee that can deliver a trusted data foundation is a tremendous benefit for MS Fabric customers.” – Dipti Borkar, VP & GM, Azure Data, Microsoft

Want to learn how Microsoft integrates with Profisee? We can show you how.

Microsoft 2023 Partner of the Year

Profisee is the only data management solution that is natively built on the Microsoft platform. Whether you are using Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI or SharePoint, it is compatible and will provide you with accurate and updated information you can trust. 

  • Microsoft Finalist: Rising Azure Technology Award
  • Most MDM implementations on Azure
  • Most joint sales with Purview
  • Most deals on Azure Marketplace
  • Microsoft Tier 1 Development and Gold Co-Sell ISV Partner

“Profisee is our go-to partner for MDM”, says the Enterprise Channel Manager of Financial Services at Microsoft. Profisee MDM is the preferred MDM solution by field reps and solution architects, and known for its ease of use, fast time-to-value deployment and cost effectiveness. 

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Profisee – the obvious choice
for the Microsoft enterprise

Microsoft Azure Purview integrated with Profisee Master Data Management (MDM) can help your organisation fully realise the value of your Azure investments by making high quality, trusted data available as you need it. 

Take away the anxiety associated with implementation and cost when you choose Profisee MDM for your Microsoft enterprise. Request a demo or talk to us about how Profisee can work for your organisation. 

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How can we help?

If your organisation is aligned to Microsoft technology but facing challenges with the quality of your data, have a chat with us. Let’s discuss how there could be alignment and if Profisee can help.

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