Solutions for manufacturing

In manufacturing there are so many challenges and risks from pricing of raw materials, long lead times, heavy investment in equipment, managing maintenance and downtime, and optimising output despite capacity constraints.

How can you connect your data, gain greater visibility and streamline operations?

Solutions for manufacturing

By their nature, manufacturing organisations are complex and operate in a volatile, ever-changing market with competitive threats from developing economies. Managing budgets and plans in this environment is equally complex.

Imagine having sales and operational budgets tightly integrated with production and capacity plans, whilst maintaining visibility over forecast profitability of product lines and cost allocations.

With the right technology, you can create and update multiple driver-based models and see the impact of these changes on profit, cashflow and inventory holdings. You can also easily manage rolling forecasts and model out numerous scenarios quickly and effectively.

Protect your business from external threats and help it reach its potential.

Learn more about Budgeting and Planning solutions.

Machine used in some manufacturing industries

Manufacturing organisations typically leverage multiple systems to perform vital functions such as new product development, setting up and managing bills of materials, or leveraging sales forecasts to drive manufacturing plans.

To support these activities, consistency of master data in relation to entities such as raw materials, finished products, suppliers, and plant and equipment is vital, but increasingly difficult and time consuming to manage.

Using the right solution, manufacturers can easily connect siloed technology platforms and manage master data across the organisation, ensuring the originating system of record is correctly updated and synchronised across all systems.

This drives efficiency, accuracy and a single source of truth for operational processes and analytical reporting.

Learn more about Master Data Management solutions.

Machine used in some manufacturing industries

With timely access to essential data you can take stock of inventory, monitor the supply chain process, calculate material utilisation, align demand and supply, and match it up with financial plans.

With greater visibility and foresight, you can respond quickly and with confidence.

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Machine used in some manufacturing industries

Simpler, more transparent and intelligent

Ballantyne traditionally relied on spreadsheets and legacy reporting tools for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Learn how their fit-for-purpose tool enabled them to:

∙ Assess the bottom-line impact of pricing decisions
∙ Close the loop between transactional and reporting systems
∙ Adopt a rolling forecast to ensure alignment with market

Ballantyne case study: Cover of the case study "Making butter better with personalised sales forecasting and pricing solutions"

At QMetrix our solutions empower you to operate with the agility needed in today’s business environment. We work together to deliver the right outcome for your unique manufacturing business.

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Find out how the right technology can give you greater visibility, streamline operations and maximise profit

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