Solutions for not-for-profits

What you do as a not-for-profit is amazing. When you add the ability to harness data and accurately plan and forecast, imagine how that impact could multiply.

How can you make every dollar and volunteer hour count towards your mission?

Solutions for not-for-profits

With dwindling revenues from government grants and donations, not-for-profit organisations must be able to create budgets and plans that are accurate and readily adaptable to changing conditions. Delivering the same service with less is no easy feat.

When you need to evaluate further service offerings or restructure your operations to keep costs down, rely on the right technology to undertake what-if scenarios to get confidence in the financial impact of every option.

Having clarity on projected future cashflows and key operational metrics in the short and long term will ensure your organisation will continue to serve the community well and remain financially viable.

Watch an example of how you can conduct scenario planning for not-for-profits.

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With tight budgets, not-for-profit organisations often maximise the life of entrenched technology platforms.

Resultingly, additional satellite/un-integrated systems are often added to accommodate the expanding needs and services of the organisation, which simply increases the pool of disconnected and siloed systems.

Imagine if you had a piece of technology that could easily adapt with your organisation’s evolving systems and capture and manage key data sets in a systemised, managed and auditable way.

This will remove manual data entry, reduce administrative overhead, improve service delivery and provide better reporting outcomes.

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Whether you are a charity, community group, foundation, social enterprise, membership organisation or faith-based group, not-for-profits serve a worthy cause.

However, under challenging times with tight budgets, how can you be smart with your data and prosper?

The right technology can help you understand efficiencies and where to best place your resources.

It will give you visibility over operations, delivery of services, expenses, donors and volunteers so you can align them towards your charter. You can also showcase the difference your team is making through reporting and data visualisation tools.

Let’s make every dollar and hour life changing.

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Not-for-profit industry: Four volunteers in blue shirts

Operating with real-time insight and precision

Outdated applications, lack of support, a static budget and error prone spreadsheets were part of the College of Surgeons’ planning process. But now with a new solution, they have:

∙ Accurate and comprehensive annual budgets
∙ A clear view of the budget process with workflow management
∙ Real-time self-service access for over 60 managers

At QMetrix our solutions empower you to operate with the agility needed in today’s environment. We work together to deliver the right outcome for your unique not-for-profit.

Some of our not-for-profit clients

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Not-for-Profits | Faith Luo
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Not-for-Profits | Faith Luo
Not-for-Profits | Faith Luo
Not-for-Profits | Faith Luo
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Not-for-Profits | Faith Luo
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Find out how you can harness data to align services and funding, and multiply your not-for-profit’s impact

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