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Alex Houghton

How to Prepare for a Great Budget Process

How can a finance team set up their Workday Adaptive Planning instance to ensure the budget season runs smoothly? Here are 6 key areas to focus on.

Kieran Garriga

Rolling Forecasts for Modern Finance Teams

Learn what high performing teams are putting into practice, and discover how rolling forecasts can empower your team to navigate an ever-changing landscape to drive business growth.

Corporate Performance Management

What is Corporate Performance Management?

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) involves measuring, analysing and reporting the performance of an organisation. It includes processes of planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting – typical functions of a finance team.

Learn how to optimise business outcomes with a comprehensive approach to corporate performance management. Truly understand your business, improve decision making, increase efficiency and drive growth.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

As digital transactions and data grow, more organisations are recognising that Master Data Management (MDM) needs to be a critical component of their data management strategy and digital transformation efforts.

Discover everything you need to know about MDM, including key strategies, best practices, and why it matters. Unlock the full potential of your data with an effective MDM strategy.

Faith Luo

Webjet case study: Taking flight with Master Data Management

For many who have been on holidays, there’s a fair chance they might have booked part of it on Webjet. Webjet Limited is a Global Travel Organisation that enables customers to travel the world through market leading brands supported by innovative technology. In FY23 alone, the award winning global travel business processed over 7.4 million

Michael Coyle

Profisee demos

Watch demos of Profisee: the
industry’s only Adaptive MDM Platform with native Microsoft integrations.

Kevin Woo

Profisee releases – what’s new

Our consultants share features and highlights of each new Profisee release, including the most useful and our favourite features of this MDM solution.

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