Solutions for healthcare

Healthcare providers have the challenge of keeping patients the focus while also keeping up with the latest advancements. How can you improve the quality of care while balancing operational excellence?

Solutions for healthcare

Some of our healthcare clients

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At QMetrix our solutions empower you to operate with the agility needed in today’s business environment. We work together to deliver the right outcome for your unique business.

Bettering lives, with better planning

Integria had a situation that would be familiar to many finance teams with many people involved in the budgeting process and 40+ budget workbooks in Excel. Discover how the the solution we provided gave them:

  • More seamless collaboration between finance and department heads across the world
  • Ability to audit and track where and who makes changes, and have the changes dynamically roll up or down without manual input
  • Better communication on a simple platform, with changes reflected immediately

Discover how we work with healthcare organisations

Office of finance, it’s time to go from spreadsheets to strategy.

Connect everything and build a trusted single source of truth.

Reduce budget cycles by 70%

The Monash IVF Group had several operational systems, difficulty tracking performance, and issues with the long budgeting process. Learn how their solution provided:

  • A single solution which integrates bespoke data sources
  • Accurate and timely information to management daily
  • The means to optimise resources and drive profitability

Industry Insights

Find out how you can harness data to enhance quality of care and deliver operational excellence for your healthcare business.

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