Transforming education with MDM: Case study of a state government entity

Ever wondered how a large education organisation manages to keep track of thousands of students, staff, and schools efficiently? This case study provides an insightful look into how a large state government entity modernised their data management systems, ensuring a comprehensive view of their entities and enhancing performance.


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The challenge: Outdated systems 

The organisation faced the challenge of working with an outdated Master Data Management (MDM) platform that was no longer supported. They needed a modern data platform to support future initiatives and provide a solid foundation for their technology stack. This would assist them in achieving a 360-degree view of students, staff, and schools to improve educational outcomes, resource allocation and more.

The solution: Upgrading to Profisee 

To tackle this challenge, the organisation chose to upgrade to Profisee, a robust MDM solution that would integrate seamlessly with modern technologies. Partnering with QMetrix, Profisee’s most experienced consulting and implementation partner, they devised a detailed plan to transition from the old system to the new. 

Implementation: A seamless transition 

The QMetrix team conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing system and identified the best approach for migration. They supported the organisation in transitioning existing integrations to Profisee, ensuring a smooth upgrade across the entire ecosystem. This included revising existing integrations to align with the new platform architecture. 

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Leveraging Microsoft Azure and Purview 

While previously limited by the old MDM platform, the organisation can now use the latest Microsoft technologies, eliminating dependencies on outdated solutions. Profisee’s integration with Purview allows bi-directional metadata synchronisation and data lineage capture, enhancing data consistency and understanding across the organisation. This supports daily tasks like matching and address verification, making data management more efficient. 

Achieving a 360-degree view 

From early childhood through to higher education, students generate multiple pieces of data which are stored in different systems. Profisee consolidates these data points using automated matching and survivorship processes, providing a single, comprehensive view of each student – this also applies to teachers, other staff, schools and partner organisations. This enables a better overview and insights which then inform decision making and outcomes.


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A better user experience 

Profisee’s FastApp web portal offers tailored experiences for data stewards, eliminating the need for desktop client installations. The configuration-based approach allows rapid implementation of new data entry forms and visualisations. 

Continuous improvement and training 

QMetrix ensured our client’s team could support and enhance their Profisee solution through working together side-by-side and providing tailored training worships, enabling them to adapt confidently to future needs.

Impact and benefits 

The upgraded MDM solution has led to improved data management and data insights, which in turn support better strategic planning and enhanced educational outcomes. It has also provided: 

  • Comprehensive data view: A full lifecycle view of students, staff, and schools. 
  • Improved functionality: Modern technology stack with a single source of truth. 
  • Seamless integration: Compatibility with Microsoft Azure, Purview, Power BI, and Synapse. 
  • User friendly interface: Accessible web portal with easier data management capabilities. 
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