Case Study: Batting for rolling forecast success with SACA

South Australian Cricket Association

The South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) is responsible for managing, promoting and developing the game of cricket in South Australia.

To manage their annual budget, SACA relied on a spreadsheet-based model. With over 20 budget contributors and a manual process, there were efficiency, integrity and collaboration issues. There were even cases where data was simply missed.

In their desire to improve the planning cycle, SACA’s finance team wanted a more integrated model that would drive the association to think forward and be more agile.

QMetrix worked with SACA to leverage a leading cloud-based budgeting and planning solution, Workday Adaptive Planning. SACA now plans based on an 18 month rolling forecast, have improved user collaboration and 100% confidence in their data.

As Jarrod Thorn, Management Accountant at SACA puts it, “Moving to rolling forecasts was a big change for the business. We reflected that in our monthly reports – moving from having a history lesson, we started to look forward. We now have the options to discuss what’s changing, how that’s impacting SACA’s financial performance and the decisions SACA needs to make to adapt. Adaptive Insights has greatly enabled that.”

SACA case study cover

Consulting solution: Budgeting and planning consulting
Technology solution: Adaptive Insights
Industry: Sport

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