How cloud-based ERP users can get more from their Financial Planning and Analysis capability

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP or another cloud-based ERP? Learn how you can get more from your Financial Planning and Analysis capability in this video.

Many organisations are well progressed with moving from legacy, on-premises ERP platforms to cloud based alternatives, but significant gaps in Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) capability remain.

In this video, we share how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other cloud-based ERP users can elevate their FP&A function through seamless integration with Workday Adaptive Planning. Learn how to empower your finance team to drive strategy and organisational agility.

Topics covered in this video include:

  • Seamlessly drive FP&A activity through timely, reliable, and accurate data integrated from D365 and other platforms
  • Explore must-have capability that will promote effective FP&A
  • See how the right tools make true collaboration in FP&A a game changer
  • Demonstration of Dynamics 365 and Workday Adaptive Planning integration and use
  • Question and Answer with Rocco Bagnato, Corporate Financial Systems Lead at Webjet

Experience seamless integration with source systems

A market-leading cloud planning solution
that is easy, powerful and fast

Take budgeting and planning to the next level.
Learn how these organisations did it.

QMetrix is a Certified Partner of Workday Adaptive Planning, providing end-to-end solutions from analysis to design and delivery

QMetrix is a Workday Adaptive Planning Platinum Solution Provider

Is Workday Adaptive Planning the solution for you?

Let’s discuss how it could work with your ERP system to expand your team’s FP&A capability. Talk to us about the challenges, possibilities and pricing, see a personalised demo or undertake a proof of concept.

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