How cloud-based ERP users can get more from their Financial Planning and Analysis capability

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP or another cloud-based ERP? Learn how you can get more from your Financial Planning and Analysis capability in this video.

Many organisations are well progressed with moving from legacy, on-premises ERP platforms to cloud based alternatives, but significant gaps in Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) capability remain.

In this video, we share how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other cloud-based ERP users can elevate their FP&A function through seamless integration with Workday Adaptive Planning. Learn how to empower your finance team to drive strategy and organisational agility.

Topics covered in this video include:

  • Seamlessly drive FP&A activity through timely, reliable, and accurate data integrated from D365 and other platforms
  • Explore must-have capability that will promote effective FP&A
  • See how the right tools make true collaboration in FP&A a game changer
  • Demonstration of Dynamics 365 and Workday Adaptive Planning integration and use
  • Question and Answer with Rocco Bagnato, Corporate Financial Systems Lead at Webjet

Experience seamless integration with source systems

A market-leading cloud planning solution
that is easy, powerful and fast

Take budgeting and planning to the next level.
Learn how these organisations did it.

QMetrix is a Certified Partner of Workday Adaptive Planning, providing end-to-end solutions from analysis to design and delivery

Is Workday Adaptive Planning the solution for you?

Let’s discuss how it could work with your ERP system to expand your team’s FP&A capability. Talk to us about the challenges, possibilities and pricing, see a personalised demo or undertake a proof of concept.

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