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Get automated, streamlined processes and workflows for ultimate business efficiency.

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Business processes that use manual paper based and electronic forms serve their purpose. But often in a fast-moving business world, they just do not cut it.

For your business, the right Forms and Workflow Management solution can help you improve time-to-market, optimise customer service and increase efficiency of many other internal process and systems.

Once up and running, organisations no longer need to rely on the memory of just a few to follow a process correctly; everyone just uses the same automated flow.

As organisations grow, processes get more complex. When it is hard to keep track of all the people involved and the rules to be followed, you end up with a lot of re-routing and data incompleteness, which wastes time and resources. These business processes can incorporate anything from onboarding of an employee, requesting a new supplier or managing a customer complaint, to name a few.

This is a very common business problem. But you can simplify it.

How? Some call it Workflow Management, others call it Business Process Improvement. Basically, software is leveraged to automated these processes and transform them into consistent and effortless activities.

Labour intensive manual processes to rekey data from a paper form into an online system becomes a thing of the past. A fit-for-purpose software solution can trigger an automated approval or transformation step, moving it between people and ultimately into destination systems in real-time.

With the right Forms and Workflow Management solution you can:

  • Easily build web based forms that can be used on fixed and mobile devices
  • Automate and optimise complex workflow requirements
  • Ensure data is captured correctly at the point of entry
  • Ensure compliance with business rules
  • Ensure all content gets approved by the right people
  • Seamlessly integrate data from and to other business systems

For your team, take away the frustrating unnecessary paperwork and processes, so they can focus on work that adds real value. Their work becomes more productive and satisfying – everyone benefits.

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Forms and Workflow Management solution


frevvo is workflow management software. It replaces manual paper-based forms and complex routing with 100% workflow automation. It helps you track and manage the processes in your business, and upgrade business efficiency.

The solution provides the optimal combination of functionality, user friendliness and price. It is also easy to apply across industries and business units. It is used by small not-for-profits to large multinational companies across the world to remove tedious paperwork and allow teams to focus on work that matters.

How QMetrix can help your business

At QMetrix we no longer take on new frevvo projects as our focus is now on other areas.
Our expert frevvo consultants remain with us and continue to deliver value-add to our existing clients who want to leverage technology to understand their business to drive performance.

Here are areas we can help you with:

Corporate budgeting, forecasting and planning doesn’t have to be difficult and full of inefficient Excel sheets and processes. Our team can help deliver a powerful yet flexible planning solution to enable your finance team to focus on more value-adding activities for the business.  

Go from spreadsheets to strategy. Find out about QMetrix’s Corporate Performance Management solutions.

Lost in a sea of data that just keeps growing? It’s a common problem. But this can be solved with Master Data Management.

Instead of wasting valuable time and resources manually extracting and reconciling data, use MDM to consolidate data from multiple systems to achieve a single view of customer, supplier, product, employee, asset and more. With MDM, get data you can trust and data you can actually use. 

Connect everything and build a trusted source of truth. Find out about QMetrix’s Master Data Management solutions.

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