Solutions for publishing

The world may be shifting towards digital, but there is still steady demand for books in different forms. How do publishers strategically decide which titles to publish, what will appeal to customers and how to stay relevant in the digital age?

Solutions for publishing

Budgeting, forecasting and planning in publishing presents its own unique set of challenges. Modelling out the financial impacts of decisions around what to publish (or republish) and in what medium is vital.

With appropriate technology you can easily and quickly compile scenarios which measure and predict the financial outcomes of key strategic and operational decisions in the publishing environment.

Moreover, this gives you clarity on projected future cashflows and key performance metrics over the short and long term.

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Publishing industry: Two open books

Ensuring that title information is consistent and accurate across organisational systems is vital throughout the authoring and publishing process.

Having a technology that supports the integration and governance of vitally important data will provide efficiency in administrative and operational processes, accuracy in reporting, enhanced analytics and compliance with royalty obligations.

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Publishing industry: Two open books

How do publishers decide which titles to publish, in which medium, and for which countries? How will you price your book or know what is worth republishing? How do you keep a close eye on operational costs and ensure profitability is maximised?

With the right technology, you can put data together to identify readership trends.

View what has been successful in the past, understand market developments and tap into social trends among consumers today. Get to know your customers and personalise content that appeals to them. Gain greater visibility into what makes a bestseller, and where operations can be streamlined.

With complete visibility, you can cut down waste, bring up revenue and pave the way for enhanced profitability in a challenging industry.

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Publishing industry: Two open books

At QMetrix our solutions empower you to operate with the agility needed in today’s business environment. We work together to deliver the right outcome for your unique publishing business.

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