Case study: Investing in the right planning solution

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Trilogy Funds is one of Australia’s leading fund managers and financiers of property-based investments. Their flagship product is the Trilogy Monthly Income Fund (TMIT).
TMIT loans are managed by a team of Portfolio Managers using bespoke Excel spreadsheets which were potentially prone to error and impossible to consolidate. To combat the issue of consolidation a series of ‘S’ curves were used to predict how loans would perform. However, this could not give the Leadership Team the accuracy and flexibility they were seeking. 
Trilogy Funds also needed to formulate its expected credit loss provision (ECL) for TMIT. Calculating this was a significant task which would take 3-4 weeks to complete. 

Learn how this changed when Trilogy Funds implemented Workday Adaptive Planning. Working with QMetrix, they achieved these and more: 

  • Ease for Portfolio Managers to forecast and manage loans
  • Live, consolidated information the Leadership Team can access anytime, and flex to understand how changes could affect the business
  • Completion of ECL in a few hours instead of 3-4 weeks
  • Confidence in numbers to make data-backed decisions

Justin Smart, Chief Operating Officer at Trilogy Funds, says, “Workday Adaptive Planning has fundamentally changed the way we work. It provides a wealth of accurate information quickly. With it we can forecast, see pipeline, and manage our existing portfolio of loans. The dashboards provide a brilliant overview of everything we need to know.”

Trilogy Funds Workday Adaptive Planning case study

Consulting solution: Budgeting and planning
Technology solution: 
Workday Adaptive Planning

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