Plan, Budget & Forecast in the Cloud

Plan, Budget & Forecast in the Cloud

Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

Preparing budgets or forecasts is extremely resource intensive and is mired with inconsistencies and inaccuracies across each cycle. Much time is wasted:

  • Chasing down spreadsheets from your contributors
  • Trying to consolidate various spreadsheets into a standard format
  • Making sure everyone is budgeting on the latest version
  • Fixing broken or missing links and formula errors
  • Cross checking sheets and workbooks to ensure they consolidate correctly

The best-run companies have streamlined the budgeting and forecasting process so it’s more collaborative, agile and flexible, enabling Finance to effectively manage what should be a critical component of their business systems. The reality is that most companies fail to achieve this outcome because they continue to rely on spreadsheets and are stuck in Excel hell, even though 88% of spreadsheets contain errors (Wall Street Journal April 20th, 2013).

Removing IT Dependency

Many solutions beyond Excel require significant IT involvement or external consultants to support and make changes. Using a cloud solution built for business users with an intuitive interface will ensure your finance team can take control. No hardware, software, scripting or coding is required.

Therefore as your IT staff are not needed to maintain the system and its hardware, the total cost of ownership (TCO) ends up being much lower compared to traditional on-premise software with the majority of cost limited to subscription fees.

Cloud vs On Premise

A Cloud-Based Solution

Using a cloud based solution supported by the finance team means faster budgeting and planning, agility to change models as business needs dictate, and reduced costs for IT support and infrastructure. QMetrix, in conjunction with Adaptive Insights, offers a cloud-based solution, which is affordable, easy to use, and rapidly deployable to companies of all sizes. Most importantly though, it will overcome Excel Hell.

Power of Cloud

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