QMetrix are Industry Leaders in Data Management & Data Migration Services

The availability and quality of data play a key role in enabling a business to make timely and accurate strategic decisions.  Yet many organisations still find themselves wasting valuable hours manually extracting, collating, merging and reconciling data only to still arrive at a set of incorrect numbers.

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Data Management & Data Migration Services

QMetrix consultants work with organisations providing data management services that automate their data collection, cleansing and delivery processes to ensure that the business can readily rely on the information to help drive operational and strategic outcomes.

QMetrix provides expertise in the areas of:

  • Data Warehousing Services to consolidate data from multiple disparate source systems
  • Data Migration Services to move data between systems and platforms generally as part of changes to core systems
  • Data Modelling Services to ensure flexibility and usage across many different platforms
  • Data Quality Services to identify gaps and integrity issues with the source data
  • Master Data Management Services to provide consistent representations of key focus areas (eg. Product, Customer, Vendor)
  • Vendor Selection Services to choose the appropriate technology


Know that your data will enable your business to make acurate and strategic decisions.

All too often, data warehousing projects fail due to the “big bang” approach and not giving careful consideration to the points listed above.  QMetrix believes that while the high level design and strategy is crucial, the key to success is the frequent and incremental delivery of business value.  This approach ensures continued business involvement and adoption, whilst satisfying key stakeholders.

By introducing proper process, governance and consistency in data management, your organisation can finally realise the value of the data that is available across multiple systems and transform it into reliable, business-critical information.

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