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Corporate Budgeting and forecasting software is an essential part of any business and is typically one of the hardest components to get right, usually requiring hundreds of man hours to prepare. The most disturbing fact is that after investing so much time and effort, the detailed budget is quickly out-dated and cannot be relied upon. A cut down or summary forecast is then used to fill in the gap.

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QMetrix Provide Enterprise Budgeting and Forecasting Solutions for High Performing Successful Businesses

High performing and successful organisations understand the importance of having a strong budgeting and forecasting software solution and going beyond error prone and laboriously manual spreadsheets. QMetrix can help your organisation by leveraging technology to focus on value add activities and overcome typical budgeting and forecasting obstacles through:

  • Automatic consolidation of figures
  • Integrated security
  • Centralised control and auditability
  • Higher frequency planning (rolling monthly forecasts)
  • Automatic driver based calculations (allocations and costs drivers)
  • Flexibility to choose top-down or bottom-up approaches
  • Workflow management to minimise sending files through emails

In today’s constantly changing business environment, it is critical to constantly look forward and anticipate. QMetrix consultants are professional accountants (CA/CPA) and can therefore appreciate the value of having an accurate and timely planning capability utilising corporate or enterprise budgeting software that will free up highly paid staff to do their job, improve the allocation of resources, and drive business profitability.

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QMetrix choose to work with market leading enterprise budgeting and forecasting software for both cloud and on-premise environments:

  • adaptive-insights
  • ibm-cognos


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The Wall Street Journal, April 20th, 2013

Corporate Planning and Budgeting Cycle Infographic

“ Reduce planning and budgeting cycles by 70% ”