Case study: The value of the Golden Record and mastering your data

Learn how this organisation got hold of their “Golden Records”, and gained a true understanding of assets with Master Data Management.

This company is one of the largest producers of energy in Australia, supplying both Australian and international markets.

They found that a significant amount of effort was required to find master data sources of truth, align master data between multiple systems, and remediate the quality of the data. It took too long to get data together, and there were also discrepancies between systems.

The team realised they needed to invest in a Master Data Management (MDM) solution, to provide the foundation to enable their reporting and analytics use cases, and improve the efficiency of their underlying business processes.

To achieve their goal, they worked with Profisee and QMetrix. Read the case study to see how they:

  • Provided a source of master data for foundational concepts in the new ERP system, thus improving business processes and results
  • Gained a mastered list of assets that resulted in better management of expensive assets and millions in cost savings for the business
  • Increased efficiency in meeting compliance obligations with various stakeholders including shareholders and the government

“We no longer have to manually source, integrate and align data from multiple systems to get what we need. Now, it’s like we are being handed data on a silver platter! The data is there – we can just use it. It has increased accessibility and useability, made analytics and reporting much easier, and we can trust it for decision making.” – Senior Data Analyst

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