Unleashing Financial Agility: Rolling Forecasts for Modern Finance Teams

Why Consider Rolling Forecasts?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, finance teams play a crucial role in helping organisations stay agile and make informed decisions.

Traditional static annual budgeting has its limitations, making it difficult for businesses to adapt to unexpected changes and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Rolling forecasts, on the other hand, offer a dynamic and flexible approach that enables finance teams to respond to market fluctuations, identify potential risks, and steer the company towards success.

Join the webinar: Unleashing Financial Agility:
Rolling Forecasts for Modern Finance Teams

Join us for this webinar as we share best practices for rolling forecasts and how you can get it done. Learn what high performing finance teams are putting into practice, and discover how rolling forecasts can empower your finance team to navigate an ever-changing landscape and drive business growth. You can register here. 

The webinar will cover these topics: 

Static vs rolling forecast

  • What is a rolling forecast, and how does it differ from traditional budgeting and static forecasting?
  • Why some businesses don’t do rolling forecasts
  • Benefits of rolling forecasts – and how you can pitch these

How to build a rolling forecast

  • Key elements of an effective rolling forecast – best practice
  • Appropriate forecasting models and techniques
  • Leveraging financial software and forecasting platforms

Case study and practical examples

  • Real example of a successful implementation
  • Demonstration of how a rolling forecast works and what it can enable
  • Q&A

The hosts and presenters for this webinar will be Alex Houghton, Practice Manager and Kieran Garriga, Principal Consultant at QMetrix. 

Picture of Alex Houghton
Alex Houghton

Practice Manager, QMetrix

Picture of Kieran Garriga
Kieran Garriga

Principal Consultant, QMetrix


Date: 14 September 2023, Thursday
Time: 10.30am – 11.20am

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar. 

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