Case Study: When less is more: From 17,000 to 2,000 reports in Cognos Analytics

Even if you aren’t familiar with GPC Asia Pacific, you would have probably heard of one of their brands – Repco. GPC Asia Pacific is the largest automotive aftermarket parts supplier in Australia and New Zealand. 

They were using Oracle Discoverer as its primary data extraction tool and reporting in Excel. However, Oracle was discontinuing support for the product so GPC Asia Pacific had to find an alternative. 

QMetrix worked with GPC Asia Pacific to move to Cognos Analytics, integrate systems, streamline and enrich reports, and provide a self-serve tool for over 650 users across the business.

Phil Gilbert, General Manager Finance at GPC Asia Pacific says, 

“We have successfully moved to Cognos Analytics, delivered reporting automation and improved productivity. The way we use our data is much more efficient. We have come a long way from where we were and are really happy with the outcome.”

Cognos Analytics reporting solution

Consulting solution: Business Intelligence consulting
Technology solution:
IBM Cognos Analytics

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