IBM Planning Analytics

Following the IBM Insight 2015 event, IBM announced “IBM Planning Analytics” as a cloud offering going live for customers today.

The offering includes a combination of technologies such as TM1, Watson Analytics and Cognos BI. The Watson and BI components are only limited and restricted to the TM1 or planning data only though. Obviously as a cloud based offering the licensing is therefore subscription based.

With Planning Analytics, the look and feel of TM1 has also been updated with much belated enhancements in the way TM1 presents itself with a front end called “Planning Analytics Workspace”, as well as updated visualisations borrowed from Watson/Cognos. The integration with Watson and Cognos is therefore quite seamless (Cognos has also had its appearance updated).

Please note the TM1 component of Planning Analytics with its updated look and feel is not available for on premise TM1 just yet. This is still being worked on by IBM with big changes anticipated in the areas of TM1 Web, CAFE as a replacement for Perspectives, server updates and obviously the integration of the Planning Analytics Workspace front end.

What does this mean for me? Well if you are an existing TM1 user and happy with the on premise solution, then not much. This offering basically serves as a precursor or sneak peak into the on premise version of TM1. If you are looking at a cloud or SaaS strategy with your existing TM1 solution or looking at a new cloud based budgeting and forecasting solution then IBM Planning Analytics should certainly be considered. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Speed and cost savings to startup
  • Reduce IT maintenance hosting costs
  • Access to automatic updates and patches
  • Data center redundancy with robust data recovery
  • Pay as you go operating expenditure vs capital expenditure which is easier on cashflow

Stay tuned for the new Cognos Analytics (Cognos BI) update, as well as any news or updates regarding the next release of TM1.

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