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Profisee demos

Watch demos of Profisee: the
industry’s only Adaptive MDM Platform with native Microsoft integrations.

CPM Technology Comparison List

Considering which CPM or FP&A technology will best fit your finance team and organisation? Refer to this handy sheet of features, strengths and limitations to decide.

MDM in Digital Business Transformation Webinar

[eBook] This eBook covers what is master data, why bother, and where to start. We dive into deciding what Master Data to manage, how to create and maintain a Master List, Versioning and Auditing and more.

Four ways CFOs can lead business agility

[eBook] Businesses can no longer afford to be reactive. Instead, they must be able to anticipate market changes and respond ahead of time. Here are 4 ways CFOs can lead business agility.

Workday Adaptive Planning Video Demo – Overview

[Video] Watch this video demonstration which provides an overview of the key features of Workday Adaptive Planning (Adaptive Insights), a market leading cloud planning solution.

Three lessons CFOs must learn from COVID-19

[eBook] Organisations are navigating uncharted waters in the post-pandemic business environment. CFOs now have an opportunity to rethink the organisation. Here are 3 lessons CFOs must learn from COVID-19.

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