5 Steps to getting your business on board with rolling forecasts

Why are rolling forecasts important – and how can you get your business on board?

“The most reliable way to forecast the future is to understand the present.” –John Naisbitt, Author of Megatrends

Many businesses make the same mistakes. They spend weeks or months looking over the annual plan or budget, even though by the time it is finished, the market has changed dramatically and targets are obsolete. They forecast based on historic data and don’t change course with evolving situations.

But there is a better way to navigate a volatile and ever-changing world – with rolling forecasts.

Instead of a once-a-year exercise, rolling forecasts happen on a regular cadence and focus on key business drivers. They continually update your forecast with actuals, so you will be able to quickly adjust the levers that driver performance and optimise decision making.

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In this eBook you will find:

  • Why rolling forecasts are more helpful than traditional forecasts
  • 5 practical steps to embark on rolling forecasts
  • Potential pitfalls to avoid

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