Case Study: Brown Brothers - Future proofing BI

Case Study: Brown Brothers – Future proofing BI

Company Overview

Iconic Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard Pty Ltd (Brown Brothers) is one of Australia’s leading family owned wine companies, operating in regional Victoria for over 120 years.

With five vineyards across Victoria and three vineyards situated in Tasmania producing over 30 varieties of grape, Brown Brothers has established its reputation as a producer willing to experiment with innovative grape varieties.

From 2001, Brown Brothers has relied on a Business Intelligence reporting environment powered by IBM Cognos. It has been continually expanded to eventually support all aspects of the business.

Business Benefits

  • Advanced data modelling capabilities
  • Simplified environment, reducing business risk
  • Options to introduce mobile reporting
  • Fit for purpose deployment options

Business Challenge

Modernise and migrate an extensive but aging BI environment while maintaining business continuity.


IBM Cognos 10 has permitted Brown Brothers to tailor the deployment to best fit each user’s needs. For some users, this has resulted in a more intuitive interface through the use of professionally authored reports with selectable filters, increasing user confidence over the numbers being presented.

“…We have been able to tailor the BI deployment to each user’s requirements rather than the one size fits all approach of the past”

For more advanced users, powerful capabilities in analysis studio have provided flexibility not available in the past. These users are able to select and group data items that are of interest to them and create custom reports as needed, simply by using the ‘drag and drop’ interface.

Key Messages

  • The data migration tools are ‘ok’ for bringing existing reports across, however to leverage new capabilities, plan to rewrite existing reports.
  • Engage an expert to assist with the migration. Planning and architecture of Framework correctly at the start will provide ongoing benefits in terms of capability and supportability.

The full case study can be downloaded here.

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