QMetrix Workday Adaptive Planning (Adaptive Insights) User Group

What happens after consultation, implementation and training for a new solution? At QMetrix, we are with you every step of the way including post-delivery. We help our clients maximise their investment, keep up to date with the latest trends and grow in self-sufficiency.

One way we do this is through a User Group for our Workday Adaptive Planning / Adaptive Insights clients. During this User Group our consultants provide best practice tips and tricks, information on current trends, as well as recent and upcoming features worth mentioning.

After each session, we provide notes so you can easily refer to them and not worry about furiously writing during the session! If you were unable to make it, check back on this page for updates.

Below, you will find information about our past and upcoming User Groups, starting with the most recent on top.

Workday Adaptive Planning User Group – 18 June 2020

This session was in a webinar format which proved to be popular especially since clients from all over Australia could join us.

During the User Group we did a poll and here were the results among attendees:

Are you currently using dashboards?

Results for user group poll on dashboards

What are you using mostly for your reporting?

Results for user group poll on reporting

We certainly know some of this will change as we had a client tell us they started setting up Active Dashboards during the demo itself!

Notes for each segment can be found below. This time, we added a video recording of each segment so you can choose to watch and/or read.

Adaptive Insights User Group – 24 October 2019

At our inaugural user group, clients were invited to our office to gain tips and insights, network with fellow Adaptive Insights users and enjoy some drinks and nibbles.

Notes for each segment can be found here:

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