Profisee – Master Data Maestro

Microsoft MDS (Master Data Services) provides a great base platform for implementing MDM (Master Data Management). Profisee’s Master Data Maestro is an extension of MDS to allow for truly enterprise grade MDM..

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What is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management (MDM) includes the processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that define and manage the critical data of an organisation.  The aim of MDM is to provide a single consistent set of master and reference data used by all operating and analytical systems key to delivering correct, meaningful, and actionable information.  MDM is not a one-off exercise, it involves the continual monitoring and management of data to ensure accurate and reliable single view of data.


Profisee – Master Data Maestro

Profisee – Master Data Maestro (MDM) provides sophisticated and configurable rules to facilitate:

  • Single views of data generated from multiple source systems.
  • Workflow based alerts when data is out of bounds or incomplete. eg. date of birth not consistent with the individual’s contact history which would determine that they are an adult.
  • Cleansing of data using configurable rules based logic.
  • Detection of duplicate records from the same or multiple source systems and identification of the unique record instance, referred to as Golden Record Management (GRM) eg. Is a customer who has the same first name, has multiple last names and resides at the same address with the same date of birth, actually the same individual?
  • Real-time integration with line of business systems in order to leverage customisable rules logic.
  • Flexibility via SDK, CRM adapters and integration with logical modelling tools such as ERwin.


The Golden Record

Profisee Maestro enables the generation of the authorative “Golden Record”, where attributes can be sourced from multiple systems to produce the single source of truth for an entity. The combination of being able to procure data from multiple originating systems as well as being able to master data within Maestro itself provides a powerful tool for maintaining quality and consistency through automation and application of business rules. Maestro’s harmonisation process can then take designated authoritative data values from the Golden Record and propagate those values back to the originating systems, forming a closed-loop process, helping to ensure that once the data is correct, it stays correct.



Traditionally, MDM has a very strong presence in product information management (PIM), customer information management and location (address verification).  Often organisations buy products specifically for each area, leading to multiple MDM solutions each implemented in a different way.  Maestro provides a platform and framework of managing any type of master data, whether it is Product and Customer or Asset and Account, leading to more consistent and supportable solutions. Profisee Maestro is a leading master data management software solution.

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