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  • 22 Apr 2014
    By David Huynh

    The Demise of Traditional Budgeting

    Traditional annual budgeting in today’s economic and competitive environment can no longer be justified. As soon as the 2-3 month budget process is set – it would have already become out dated…

  • 02 Feb 2014
    By Michael Coyle

    Data-Warehousing for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

    Smaller organisations may have considered that undertaking such a strategic initiative is solely the domain of larger organisations citing prohibitive development cost. While it is true that there is a need to invest funds to develop a data warehouse, it may not be as expensive as…

  • 20 Jan 2014
    By Michael Coyle

    Case Study: Brown Brothers – Future proofing BI

    IBM Cognos 10 has permitted Brown Brothers to tailor the deployment to best fit each user’s needs. For some users, this has resulted in a more intuitive interface through the use of professionally authored reports with…

  • 17 Jan 2014
    By David Huynh

    QMetrix Proof of Concept (POC)

    A budgeting/forecasting or business intelligence (BI) solution can sometimes be hard to visualise and comprehend with your particular business. It can also be difficult to translate those benefits listed in a product website…

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