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  • 24 Feb 2015

    Top 7 tell-tale indicators that you shouldn’t Budget in Excel

    Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel spreadsheets is fraught with danger. Here are the top 7 indicators or signs that you should be moving away.

    12 Jan 2015

    Embedded BI

    A properly designed and implemented BI solution embedded into your existing application can unlock hidden value in your product and help you beat your competitors to untapped markets.

  • 10 Jan 2015

    Plan, Budget & Forecast in the Cloud

    Using a cloud based solution supported by the finance team means faster budgeting and planning, agility to change models as business needs dictate, and reduced costs for IT support and infrastructure.

    08 Jun 2014

    Cost Effective Business Intelligence (BI)

    BI has come along way since the early 2000′s, now there are an abundance of tools that can help with reporting from all your systems that are extremely affordable.

  • 15 May 2014

    Planning Solutions for SMEs – what’s the ROI?

    So what investment does a typical SME make annually on completing their budgeting and forecasting cycles using Excel?

    22 Apr 2014

    The Demise of Traditional Budgeting

    Traditional annual budgeting in today’s economic and competitive environment can no longer be justified…

  • 02 Feb 2014

    Data-Warehousing for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

    Smaller organisations may have considered that undertaking such a strategic initiative is solely the domain of larger organisations citing prohibitive…

    20 Jan 2014

    Case Study: Brown Brothers – Future proofing BI

    IBM Cognos 10 has permitted Brown Brothers to tailor the deployment…

  • 17 Jan 2014

    QMetrix Proof of Concept (POC)

    A budgeting/forecasting or business intelligence (BI) solution can sometimes be hard to visualise and comprehend with your particular business. It can also be difficult to translate those benefits listed in a website…

    04 Dec 2013

    Debtors Analytics – the last frontier?

    Managing debtors is a key function of any business, not only in terms of minimising debt write offs, but giving due consideration to the cost of financing those debtors and the working capital to…

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