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  • 02 Feb 2014
    By Michael Coyle

    Data-Warehousing for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

    Smaller organisations may have considered that undertaking such a strategic initiative is solely the domain of larger organisations citing prohibitive development cost. While it is true that there is a need to invest funds to develop a data warehouse, it may not be as expensive as…

  • 20 Jan 2014
    By Michael Coyle

    Case Study: Brown Brothers – Future proofing BI

    IBM Cognos 10 has permitted Brown Brothers to tailor the deployment to best fit each user’s needs. For some users, this has resulted in a more intuitive interface through the use of professionally authored reports with…

  • 17 Jan 2014
    By David Huynh

    QMetrix Proof of Concept (POC)

    A budgeting/forecasting or business intelligence (BI) solution can sometimes be hard to visualise and comprehend with your particular business. It can also be difficult to translate those benefits listed in a product website…

  • 13 Dec 2013
    By Michael Coyle

    Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS)

    Have you ever been in a meeting where different departments report the same metric differently, resulting in a meeting that focuses on trying to discuss the discrepancy and not the business’ performance?

  • 04 Dec 2013
    By Brett Ruwoldt

    Debtors Analytics – the last frontier?

    Managing debtors is a key function of any business, not only in terms of minimising debt write offs, but giving due consideration to the cost of financing those debtors and the working capital to…

  • 18 Nov 2013
    By Brett Ruwoldt

    Importance of a Business Intelligence (BI) Strategy

    The lack of a BI strategy is one of the biggest flaws and causes of failure in BI implementations. In one often cited study, less than 10% of Australian organisations that use BI have a documented BI strategy…

  • 12 Nov 2013
    By David Huynh

    Has your budget spreadsheet model spiralled out of control?

    As your organisation grows and changes, the once manageable spreadsheet budgeting and reporting model soon becomes unwieldy, inefficient and a business liability

  • 01 Nov 2013
    By David Huynh

    IBM Cognos Express 10.2.1 Released

    IBM Cognos Express 10.2.1 Released IBM have recently released the latest version of their midsized and SME targeted business intelligence…

  • 20 Oct 2013
    By Brett Ruwoldt

    QMetrix/Movex (M3) Value Proposition

    Movex (M3) – Improved Business Intelligence Movex is an ERP designed for companies that make, move, or maintain products (hence…

  • 12 Jul 2013
    By Julia Foley

    Analytics: Finding Hidden Truths using Statistical Journals

    Introduction In preparing management accounts, it is usual for forward dated transactions to be for fixed amounts on fixed dates. …

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