Adaptive Insights videos

Watch videos and demos to learn how Adaptive Insights works. Easy, powerful and fast, it makes budgeting, forecasting and reporting better for finance teams and the wider organisation

Adaptive Insights gives you a competitive edge

Thriving in today’s competitive environment requires world class business planning. With Adaptive Insights, easily transform planning into a strategic advantage. Watch the video (1:59 min).

How Ventura Bus Lines uses Adaptive Insights

Since using Adaptive Insights, the role of Ventura’s finance team has changed. They describe the software and process as “so simple yet so powerful”. Watch the video (1:39 min).

Creating waterfall charts demo

Learn how to create waterfall charts to explain variance, from the Director of Finance at Adaptive Insights. Watch the video (1:18 min).

How Adaptive Insights is helping customer make better decisions, faster

P.F. Chang’s, Playworks and Ivanti in the USA use Adaptive Insights for business planning. It is helping them make better decisions and drive success. Watch the video (3:32 min).

Want a personalised tour of how Adaptive Insights works?

It’s time to budget and plan in a way that is easy, powerful and fast.

Let’s move from spreadsheets to strategy.  

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