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Easy, powerful and fast, Workday Adaptive Planning (formerly known as Adaptive Insights) makes budgeting, forecasting and reporting better for finance teams and the wider organisation. Learn how it works through videos on this page.

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Active Planning: An Alternative to Static Planning

Thriving in today’s competitive environment requires world class business planning – this is where Workday Adaptive Planning comes in.

Collaborate with your organisation with powerful tools that enable planning, reporting, and analysis that flow automatically from a trusted source of data.

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What can you do with Workday Adaptive Planning?

An overview of solution features

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow planning

See how to create fully integrated financial statements for a complete view of performance. With Workday Adaptive Planning, they can be streamlined and automated.

Interacting with web-based sheets

The intuitive spreadsheet-like interface in Workday Adaptive Planning is familiar to Excel users, but better – with the power and security of a database.

Financial management: Plan, model and analyse your business

See how interactive dashboards improve your planning and budgeting. In this example, we identify shortfalls that are high level, drill down into actual results and plan targets to understand the root cause.

Streamline your Financial Close

Accelerate your Financial Close with real-time consolidation, automated intercompany eliminations and more.

Better expense management

Get full visibility into expenses and access key cost drivers so you can better manage spend. 

Profitability analysis

See how Workday Adaptive Planning gives you deep, real-time insights into what drives your profitability so you can improve decision-making.

Stronger capital management

Budget CapEx items, see the effect on all financial statements, track expenses with dashboards and reports, and manage the approval process with Workday Adaptive Planning’s real-time capabilities.

Revenue Management solution

The Adaptive Revenue Solution paves the way to revenue lifecycle management so you can make data driven decisions. See how you can more accurately predict revenue and better align your plans with goals.

Quality, customised reports

Workday Adaptive Planning’s reporting solutions make it easy to create ad-hoc reports, board packages and narrative or management reports. Update the reports with a few simple clicks and publish them in Microsoft Office programs or other formats.

Workday Adaptive Planning demos

A deeper dive into specific features of the software

An overview – foundational elements of Workday Adaptive Planning

In this video we introduce the core concepts and building blocks of Workday Adaptive Planning.

Version Management

Version Management is one of the most widely used functions of Workday Adaptive Planning. It enables users to cut and create different budget versions and forecast versions and roll them over. This includes creating long range plans, strategic plans and what-if-scenarios. 

Multi-dimensional planning

Multi-dimensional planning is commonly used for driver-based modelling where you are planning at a more granular level. This is done through a “cube sheet” – similar to a large pivot table in Excel, but better and easier.

How to create waterfall charts

Learn how to create waterfall charts to explain variance, from the Director of Finance at Workday Adaptive Planning.

QMetrix is a Certified Platinum Solution Provider and Preferred Validated Partner of Workday Adaptive Planning

QMetrix is a Workday Adaptive Planning Platinum Solution Provider

Workday Adaptive Planning
solutions for your industry

Find out how the solution works across a wide range of industries to address unique challenges

Scenario Planning for Healthcare

  • Top down, driver-based plans: patient days, bed utilisation, staffing ratios
  • Bottom up planning at job level
  • Real time reporting

Scenario Planning for Not-for-Profit

  • How to create multi-year grant planning
  • How to manage program and project expense budgeting
  • How to set up membership and events modelling

Scenario Planning for Retail

  • How to measure category margins against same stores
  • How to optimise inventory so you have the right product in the right store at the right time

Scenario Planning for Government / Public Sector

  • How to set up funding levels and model revenue
  • How to create decision packages and request lists
  • How you can set up visual comparisons and reporting

Scenario Planning for Manufacturing

  • Driver-based revenue planning at the product and sales rep level
  • How to manage personnel rosters and hiring
  • How to create a detailed bill of materials and costs

Workday Adaptive Planning User Reviews

What Workday Adaptive Planning users say about their experience.

How Ventura Bus Lines is using Workday Adaptive Planning

Since using Workday Adaptive Planning, the role of Ventura’s finance team has changed. They describe the software and process as “so simple yet so powerful”. Read Ventura Bus Lines’ case study here.

Case studies, demo videos and resources

Want to learn more? Explore more Workday Adaptive Planning features through short video demos, watch use cases for specific industries, and access case studies from organisations who have used Workday Adaptive Planning in Australia and abroad.

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