Embedded BI

Embedded BI (Business Intelligence)

Accelerate the delivery of advanced visualisation and reporting integrated within your existing application to your market. Lock in your existing customers and differentiate your application from your competitors.

Why Embedded / In-Built BI?

Why build your own expensive BI reporting solution from the “ground up” when you can leverage the expertise of those who do it day in, day out using a market leading business intelligence platform tailored to your application’s requirements? QMetrix can help design and build an integrated reporting and analytics platform for your system, thus allowing you to focus on developing and improving your software’s core product offerings.

Internal vs External

The debate is generally around whether to design, build and test internally OR use proven external technologies and expertise. Key considerations are obviously cost to develop, time to deliver and quality of the result. Using a combination of established technologies and proven experts vastly increases the likelihood of a better, more cost effective outcome.

Cost is a primary consideration that is debated at length, as with all IT projects – if not properly managed, they can quickly blow out. The cost to develop independently usually results in a very expensive exercise for a sub-par result, especially when you consider the opportunity cost that has been lost by choosing to pull your resources and attention away from your core product that generates your main revenue stream.

Competitive Advantage

A properly designed and implemented BI solution embedded into your existing application can unlock hidden value in your product and help you beat your competitors to untapped markets. It can also provide an additional revenue stream on top of your core application and further enhance your standing with your existing customers.

Today, customers are demanding more and more information, delivered in real-time and on a variety of platforms. Set yourself apart from competitors by meeting your customers’ information needs to give you the competitive edge.

QMetrix & Yellowfin BI

Satisfy your customers with your own custom branded in-built embedded BI module, while avoiding the stress and strain of internally developing, maintaining and supporting an in-house BI solution. QMetrix together with Yellowfin can help your organisation establish a world class BI module to enhance your core product through:

  • A look a feel consistent with your branding
  • Accelerated delivery to market
  • Multi-tenancy deployment to the cloud or on-premise
  • Access to leading Business Intelligence practitioners
  • Strategic on-going partnership and technical support

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Contact us to speak to one of our consultants about Embedded BI. We can help you answer the following questions:

  • Is Embedded BI right for my application?
  • What benefits can I expect from embedding BI?
  • What do I need to consider technically?
  • What is the best approach to embedding BI into my application?
  • How do different data sources impact my BI solution?
  • How many different types of users do I need to cater for?
  • What are the requirements for data handling now and in the future?

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